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added on: August 5, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates in Erdenheim

Even if you see your dentist in Erdenheim twice a year for exams and cleanings, it’s crucial that you also take excellent care of your teeth at home between visits. Following a good oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing can also help your oral health and overall health. So… Read More…

added on: February 17, 2020
boy and father brushing teeth

Your dentist in Erdenheim may spend a lot of time talking about the health of your teeth and the best way to take care of them. After all, dentists are responsible for doing everything they can to make sure your pearly whites stay strong for a lifetime. But there’s another… Read More…

added on: January 7, 2019
child's hand holding vitamins

Making sure your child gets enough of the right vitamins and minerals is an important part of helping them grow up big and strong. Their oral health is no different. Kids need to get the recommended amount of a variety of vitamins (and minerals!) in order to develop strong teeth… Read More…

added on: August 7, 2017
back to school

As we all gear up to head back to school, loading up on folders, notebooks, pencils, and backpacks, the team at our dental office in Erdenheim wants to send a friendly reminder to our patients and neighbors about the importance of getting your child to the dentist before school starts…. Read More…

added on: June 22, 2017
woman sticking out tongue

Grab a mirror, open up, and say “ah” because we’re talking tongues today. Did you know the color and even the shape of your tongue can say a lot about what could be going on healthwise in the rest of your body? Our dental office in Erdenheim (and your primary… Read More…

added on: May 16, 2017
young woman biting fingernails while studying

Nail biting is a habit that can affect not only the appearance of your nails, it can also cause damage to your oral health. As with any habit, nail biting can be difficult to break, but at our dental office in Erdenheim, we’re hoping that by providing our patients some… Read More…

added on: March 6, 2017
child brushing

Occasionally parents of our patients come to us wondering if it’s normal for their kid’s gums to bleed and if it’s something they should worry about. Despite common belief, it’s not normal for gums to bleed, and it’s always a concern, especially for our children’s dental office in Erdenheim. In… Read More…

added on: July 18, 2016

Oral piercings, whether it’s the tongue, the lip, or the cheeks, may help you express yourself, but despite how cool they look, they also come packed with concerns. All of us at our Erdenheim dental office want you to be able to do what you’d like with your body, but… Read More…

Posted In: Home Care

added on: December 2, 2015
kids brushing

Getting kids to brush their teeth isn’t always easy. But if it turns into a twice-daily battle, your kids could start having negative associations related to dental hygiene. No one in our Erdenheim dental practice wants that! With a little creativity and a spirit of fun, you can make toothbrushing… Read More…

added on: July 1, 2015
baby chewing toy

Gum disease is often considered an adult problem, but the truth is, kids, teens, and young adults are also susceptible. At our dental office in Erdenheim, we’re here to explain the dangers behind the disease and provide you with some key signs and symptoms to look for. What is Gum… Read More…

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