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At Chesheim Dental Associates, we recommend that our patients visit for a thorough dental exam and cleaning at least every six months.

Dental Exams and Checkups include:

  • A thorough examination by the doctor
  • Our hygienists are trained to provide you with a thorough cleaning that may include the use of Ultrasonic Scalers
  • Our practice uses the Cavitron for advanced hygiene treatment. This hand-held tool offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional gum cleaning methods. It uses high frequency ultrasonic waves and water to gently clean above and below the gum line. So gentle, it can provide deep cleaning and gum therapy, many times without the need to become numb.
  • Digital or panoramic x-rays when indicated. We will begin your visit by taking a series of digital x-rays. These x-rays are larger, clearer and more detailed than traditional film x-rays, allowing us to get a better picture of your oral health almost immediately. (They don’t need time to “develop.”) They are also safer for you, offering a significant decrease in your exposure to radiation. They are also safer for the environment. Digital x-rays do not need chemicals or paper to be developed, so there is no waste to dispose of.
  • Intraoral camera exam. This pen-sized camera takes video of your teeth, and then projects the live, magnified image onto a computer screen in the treatment room. This gives us a real-time, close-up look at your teeth and gums, helping us detect any decay, cracked or leaking fillings or other problems. This technology also helps us diagnose problems early, while they’re small, and easier and more affordable to correct.
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Fluoride treatment (children every visit; adults as needed)

Computerized Treatment Rooms

To provide all this technology to you, all of our treatment rooms are fully computerized. All your records, treatment plans, test results, images, etc. are on our computer system and readily available to anyone on our team. The computer helps maintain continuity and quality of care.

Nitrous Oxide

For all our anxious patients – no matter what age – we offer the relaxation of Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas).

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The staff at Chesheim Dental are extremely friendly and professional. The office is very warm and inviting and we are always seen within 5-10 minutes of our appointment time. My son, who has autism, was terrified of the dentist and the hygienists and Dr. Angel are wonderful with him. In fact, he no longer fights me when he has a dental appointment and the Chesheim staff make what could be a difficult experience for him very tolerable.

— Brennan W.

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