What To Eat After Having Dental Work Done

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Having dental work isn’t like other procedures where you can eat whatever you want afterward. In fact, it can be difficult to find something you can easily eat after dental treatment. Whether you’re recovering from oral surgery, a dental implant placement, a root canal, or even a filling and are having trouble finding easy-to-eat foods,… Read more →

A Dose of Summer Sun Can Help Protect Our Teeth  

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There’s something comforting about getting outside and soaking up the summer sun. After all, it’s warm, it helps improve our mood, and, as your dentist in Erdenheim knows, it can also help protect our teeth. It’s true. The overall and oral health benefits of getting out into the sun every day are plentiful thanks to… Read more →

What You Need to Know About Lip and Tongue Piercings  

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Oral piercings, including lip and tongue piercings, are nothing new. In fact, they have actually been around since the Mayans. However, this form of self-expression doesn’t come without its risks. If you’re considering getting your lip or tongue pierced, read this information from your dentist in Erdenheim before you go under the needle.  Know The… Read more →

Migraines & Dentistry 

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An estimated 39 million Americans suffer from headaches or migraines regularly. That’s about 12% of our population that experience these often debilitating, painful, and difficult-to-treat neurological conditions. However, even though this is such a widespread problem, there’s still the need for more research to determine just what causes a headache or migraine, how to prevent… Read more →