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Erdenheim Full Mouth Restoration

For Total Smile Rejuvenation

Full Mouth Restorations are unique to the individual patient. Our doctors will determine which procedures will best resolve your needs.

What is Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration (FMR) is recommended to restore the health, function, appearance and comfort of dentition that has completely broken down. This is usually the result of malocclusion (a poorly aligned bite). When your bite is out of alignment, your teeth don’t meet properly when biting or chewing. The result can be worn, broken, even missing teeth. This is can lead to TMJ dysfunction.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

Depending upon the condition of your mouth, treatment plan may involve the use of:

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Chesheim Dental Associates
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Dr. Angel and the Chesheim Dental team have touched our hearts in such a deep way thanks to your ongoing attention and kindness! My daughter felt great after her appointment. We feel incredibly appreciative of your intensive work with her! I can’t believe she even says she wants to become a dentist! All thanks to your positivity and creativity!

— Sara W.

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