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Have you been wishing for dentistry in Erdenheim that cares for your comfort and convenience as much as your smile? A dental office that puts your needs first and strives to offer the most up-to-date procedures for the whole family – in one beautiful, home-like, convenient location? Then turn to Chesheim Dental Associates for the dental services, quality, safety, and compassion you need.

Our Erdenheim dental practice has served your friends and neighbors for decades offering innovative technology, advanced options, optimal health, and a smile they can proudly show off. Isn’t it time you experienced that kind of dentistry as well?

Your Health and Beauty
Are Our First Concern

Compassion. Comfort. An upbeat, safe, and caring atmosphere. All of these things help us enjoy our dentistry a little more and help us keep up with our care. But in the end, the ultimate goal of dentistry of any kind, from general to cosmetic, is to keep teeth (and the rest of your mouth) in top shape so you can live your best, healthiest and happiest life.

To that end, the entire team at Chesheim Dental Associates is diligent about keeping up with the latest advances in dentistry with continuing education and ongoing study. We also feel that as technology advances, so does our care. We regularly invest in updated dental technology so that our patients may benefit from the comfort, convenience, and efficiency new and advancing dental technology offers.

And yes, we do repeat the words comfort, convenience, and health a lot. Absolutely! Those are things we want for ourselves and it’s why we go out of our way to offer them to our patients. To your Erdenheim dental team, they aren’t just words. They are a philosophy that leads to better health and better smiles for everyone!

Our Comprehensive

We love families. We have families of our own and think there is nothing better than seeing entire families–from toddlers to grandparents–smiling their best smiles together. Everyone is welcome here at Chesheim Dental Associates. Our doctors can care for a wide range of needs and we have a full menu of Erdenheim dental services to help you find your best health, your best smile, and your very best life!

  • Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry–From smile whitening and cosmetic bonding to porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and dental implants, we can take your smile from dull, damaged, or decayed to dazzlingly strong and attractive–for the long haul!
  • General Dentistry–A preventive dental program with everything from exams, cleanings, fluoride, and mouthguards to gum treatments and emergency services is the best way to keep both your wallet and your smile happy!
  • Pediatric Dentistry–We love kids and kids love us. We make anything from cleanings to orthodontics fun and healthy!

It’s the outstanding dental care and services everyone in Erdenheim deserves!

Chesheim Dental Associates
Chesheim Dental Associates
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I had a very enjoyable experience. The staff and Dr. Dobbins were very thorough, detailed, and professional. His explanation of my teeth and gum health were easy to understand and fun to hear. This was the most thorough examination I’ve ever had. They have high tech imaging technology there. I highly recommend them.

— R. Garcia

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