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Special Needs Dentistry in Erdenheim

Special Care for Special People

Do you have a special needs person in your life? Then count on the Erdenheim special needs dentistry here at Chesheim Dental Associates. If you are the caregiver or parent of someone with disabilities or health issues, you understand what we mean when we say your child is extra special. These incredible humans really do teach us how to survive even with challenges, how to persevere, and how to experience joy no matter what.

We understand what a privilege–and challenge– it can be to care for and support a special needs person. We applaud you, and are here to help!

Keeping Care Comfortable

Dental treatment for adults and children with disabilities in Erdenheim can be difficult for both patient and caregiver. We have the training and experience to give you the help you need.

Our Erdenheim pediatric and special-needs dentists have two additional years of training and internship required to treat children and patients with special needs. Plus, our entire team has an exceptional way of helping everyone feel safe and relaxed. Our methods make getting dental care possible – even for patients with autism!

We are also always available to support and educate Erdenheim families with special-needs members on how oral health affects overall well-being, offering tricks and tips on how to maintain oral-health routines at home, and answering any of your questions as they arise.

Happy Dentistry – Happy Smiles

All children deserve care in the calmest, happiest, most comfortable way possible – no matter what their needs. Offering this to all of Erdenheim’s precious smiles is our mission – and offering it to those with special needs has an important place in our hearts.

We have learned that education, communication, and careful listening are appreciated by patients of all ages – but they are especially important when dealing with those in our community who have special needs. Our team has a talent for reading non-verbal cues and understanding body language and facial expressions. This means we can constantly monitor reactions, stop when fear, anxiety, or pain may be present, and adapt to each patient’s requirements. This responsiveness helps us make sure your child feels as safe and secure as possible.

If your child is developmentally or physically unable to understand us or communicate, even non-verbally, we might suggest sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide or even hospital dentistry to minimize trauma while maintaining oral health.

Chesheim Dental Associates is here to support our Erdenheim special-needs dental patients and their families any way we can!