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added on: March 15, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates

Bad breath is, well, quite frankly, bad. This condition isn’t only embarrassing, it can also be a sign of other problems happening in your mouth or throughout your body. If you have bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much you brush your teeth, how much… Read More…

added on: February 18, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates

If you see white spots on your teeth, you might wonder what they mean and whether or not you should be worried about them. Rest assured that many times, white spots on teeth are harmless. However, white spots on teeth can occasionally indicate an underlying condition that could eventually cause… Read More…

added on: February 3, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates

Heart disease is a topic of concern for both your doctor and your dentist in Erdenheim. After all, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), heart disease is the leading cause of death all around the globe. But what exactly does your oral health have to do with your heart… Read More…

added on: January 24, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, then cosmetic dentistry might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Cosmetic dentistry from your dentist in Erdenheim can give you a new smile that doesn’t just look more attractive, but can also help boost your confidence and make you feel better… Read More…

added on: January 11, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates

A key part of maintaining a healthy mouth is making sure you brush twice a day and see your dentist in Erdenheim every six months. But it’s also crucial to floss every day. In fact, it’s one of the most important things you can do. When it comes to which type… Read More…

added on: December 22, 2021
Chesheim Dental Associates

Cavities are one of the most common dental issues your dentist in Erdenheim treats every day, especially for patients with a bit of a sweet tooth. Fortunately, fillings today are more convenient, comfortable, and affordable than ever. However, sometimes there’s a little sensitivity post-filling treatment. While the discomfort is generally very… Read More…

added on: December 13, 2021
Chesheim Dental Associates

Happy Holidays from all of your friend at Erdenheim dental office! As we all celebrate and gather again with our loved ones, there tends to be an abundance of something other than love, and that’s sugary sweets. We all know what sugar can do to your smile, but it can… Read More…

added on: November 22, 2021
Chesheim Dental Associates

Any type of pain or discomfort in the mouth can be concerning, and it may leave you wondering if you have a serious dental problem or simply sensitive teeth. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two, and getting relief from the discomfort will depend on… Read More…

added on: November 4, 2021
Chesheim Dental Associates

Chances are you want to keep your natural teeth in your mouth for as long as possible. After all, healthy teeth are an integral part of good oral health, but they’re not invincible. If you don’t take care of your teeth, you can be at increased risk for decay and… Read More…

Posted In: Oral Health, General

added on: October 26, 2021
Chesheim Dental Associates

If you’re considering having any type of cosmetic dentistry, chances are you’ve looked into dental veneers. However, you may be wondering if veneers can damage your teeth in any way. Your dentist in Erdenheim always recommends doing some research before you get any dental work done, and this article will help… Read More…

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