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added on: November 27, 2023

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to pay attention to our oral health. While seniors often focus on their overall health and well-being (and that’s a great thing!), the state of their oral health should not be overlooked. Good oral hygiene can significantly impact a senior’s quality of life,… Read More…

added on: October 16, 2023

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, your dentist in Erdenheim has some interesting news about a fascinating connection that has gained attention in recent years – the potential link between gum disease (periodontal disease) and an increased risk of breast cancer. While it might seem far-fetched at first, researchers have been delving… Read More…

added on: August 11, 2023
Chesheim Dental Associates in Erdenheim

Any type of pain after a dental appointment can be concerning. Whether you had a routine dental cleaning, a simple filling, or a more complex procedure, post-dental treatment discomfort can be a distressing experience, but fear not – your dentist in Erdenheim is here to help. After all, understanding what you… Read More…

added on: March 20, 2023
Chesheim Dental Associates in Erdenheim

Each and every year on March 20th, the FDI World Dental Federation sponsors World Oral Health Day with the mission of “empowering people with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to secure good oral health.” Oral health is often considered secondary to overall health, but the truth is, oral health diseases… Read More…

added on: February 10, 2023
Chesheim Dental Associates in Erdenheim

Healthy oral health habits for strong smiles begin at an early age. These early experiences help develop good habits and trust and can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy teeth. National Children’s Dental Health Month, celebrated in February since 1949, strives to raise awareness of just how important… Read More…

added on: July 5, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates in Erdenheim

One of the concerns your dentist in Erdenheim is asked about a lot is whether or not patients should be worried about the safety of dental x-rays. After all, x-rays do expose patients to low levels of radiation, which can sound scary. But don’t worry, we’re here to ease those… Read More…

added on: February 3, 2022
Chesheim Dental Associates

Heart disease is a topic of concern for both your doctor and your dentist in Erdenheim. After all, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), heart disease is the leading cause of death all around the globe. But what exactly does your oral health have to do with your heart… Read More…

added on: April 23, 2021
Chesheim Dental Associates

We all know that 2020 had its fair share of hardships and “new normals.” Between shutdowns and school closures, we all had to pivot away from life as we knew it. Your dentist in Erdenheim was no different. Patients stopped coming to the dentist, perhaps because we may have been… Read More…

added on: December 11, 2020
Chesheim Dental Associates

Getting caught kissing under the mistletoe is a long-time holiday tradition that spans centuries. But did you know that this holiday smooch can also lead to some unwanted problems? Of course, kissing anyone can transfer cold or viruses, but your dentist in Erdenheim also knows that smooches may also increase… Read More…

added on: November 19, 2020
Chesheim Dental Associates

There are many misconceptions about oral health. One of the more common misconceptions is that plaque and tartar are the same things and that the terms can be used interchangeably. While this isn’t completely false, it is a bit misleading and something that your dentist in Erdenheim wants to clear… Read More…

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