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Tooth Truth: Debunking Cavity Myths

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added on: April 1, 2015

cavity myths

Cavities. They’re one of the most common dental problems, yet there’s still so much confusion about what exactly causes these pesky pockets of decay. At our dental office in Erdenheim, we’d like to debunk some cavity myths and talk about the truth behind the tooth.


Cavity Myth: Sensitivity means you have a cavity.

Tooth Truth: Sensitivity doesn’t automatically equate to a cavity and could actually mean a variety of different things. If you have pain in your teeth when you drink something hot or cold, chances are your roots have become exposed, probably due to gum recession. Sensitivity could simply mean you have extremely sensitive teeth. You could also have a cracked or broken tooth.


Cavity Myth: If you have a cavity, you’ll know it.

Tooth Truth: A lot of times, a cavity has no symptoms if the decay is moderate. However, if left untreated, a cavity will continue to grow. This is when we start to experience pain. Once the decay becomes much more severe and causes damage to the nerves, you may need more than a filling to fix the cavity. In short, if you wait to have symptoms of a cavity, you’ve waited too long.


Cavity Myth: Kids are more likely to get cavities than adults.

Tooth Truth: In the past 20 years, the prevalence of cavities in children has been cut in half. However, there continues to be a rise in the amount of cavities in the senior citizen population. Many times senior citizens require daily medications, and these medicines can result in dry mouth and lack of saliva. Without saliva, decay causing bacteria isn’t rinsed away and is left to eat away at enamel, resulting in cavities.


Now that you know the truth behind cavities, there’s one other really important thing you should know. Regular appointments at our Erdenheim dental office is the most effective way to keep your mouth healthy and cavity free. If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help!


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