Erdenheim Pediatric Dental Services

Comprehensive Care for Ages 1 to 21

Chesheim Dental Associates offers comprehensive dental treatment for children, including:

Exams & Cleanings

Your child’s visit will include a careful examination of the teeth, gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. We will then thoroughly clean the teeth.

Home Care Instructions & Diet Counseling

During the appointment, your child’s hygienist will demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques for your child’s home care routine. The hygienist will also talk to your child about the problems caused by sugary foods, including soda and candy.

Fluoride Treatments

Children receive a protective fluoride treatment at every checkup and cleaning. The fluoride helps protect the teeth against any decay longer than any over-the-counter toothpaste or oral rinse can.

Protective Dental Sealants

When your child’s molars come in, we recommend protecting them with dental sealants. Sealants provide a clear, strong barrier to protect children’s teeth from decay and prevent cavities. The sealant is “painted” on the molars, and then dried by special light. Sealants last for several years and provide unequalled cavity protection.

Sports Mouthguards

The best protection for your child’s smile and health is a mouth guard. With its secure protection provided by a custom fit, a mouth guard created in the dentist’s office can better protect the teeth against damage, as well as prevent concussions, fractures and other major injuries than a typical “boil-to-fit” mouth guard found at sporting goods stores.

Cavity Restoration

If your child gets a cavity, we will gently restore it with a composite tooth-colored filling that looks like natural tooth structure. To help keep children relaxed and unafraid, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Orthodontic Evaluation

As part of your child’s regular dental care, we will monitor how the teeth are coming in, note any alignment or palate problems, and recommend treatment if appropriate. Sometime the early intervention can eliminate the need for orthodontics later on!

I’ve been coming to Chesheim Dental Associates since the mid-80’s. A friend of mine who was very pleased with their experience and results recommended them to me. Originally I came to see Dr. Rothwell because I had broken my front tooth and needed immediate care. After my initial problem was addressed, Dr. Rothwell and I discussed a treatment plan that would keep my teeth and gums healthy for life. The care I received was exceptional and I receive compliments on my smile all the time!

- Peggy