Your Child’s First Visit

What to Expect

If time permits before your child’s first visit, we will send you an office brochure containing pertinent information about our office, as well as a new patient registration form. You may also download and print them.

First of all, relax. Our pediatric dentists specialize in the gentle care and treatment of children. We make the dental office a friendly, non-threatening place to visit.

At your child’s first visit, we will review his or her medical and dental history and perform a comprehensive examination. For your peace of mind (and your child’s!) we welcome you to remain in the treatment room for the entire appointment. Families are welcome to stay with their children during any visit.

The examination will include cavity detection, periodontal (gum) exam, evaluation of the bite, screening for jaw joint problems and orthodontic evaluation.

X-rays will be taken at this time. If treatment needs are not complex, we will discuss our findings and possible solution options at this visit.

If your child experiences any anxiety or fear, we offer both Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas), conscious sedation and general anesthesia to help them have a completely relaxing dental visit.


Dear Dr. Angel,
Thank you so very much for your phone call last Friday afternoon to check in on my daughter. Yet again, you and your team have touched our hearts in such a deep way thanks to your ongoing attention and kindness! She felt great after her appointment, and we are all re-settled back here in Haiti. Please extend our deepest thanks to your team. We feel incredibly appreciative of your intensive work with her! I can’t believe she even says she wants to become a dentist! All thanks to your positivity and creativity! Many thanks, and hope you have a good rest of summer!

- Sara W.