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Easter Candy Dos and Don’ts

easter candy
added on: March 9, 2016

Another holiday packed with sweet treats is upon us, and everyone at our Erdenheim dental office is here to provide our patients’ parents some tips on what treats are alright to put in those Easter baskets, and which ones to avoid.

All That Sugar!

As we all know, sugar is one of the main culprits of cavities. But we aren’t here to tell you that it needs to be avoided all together, especially during a holiday. However, to keep your kid’s grin healthy, and any sugar-induced belly aches away, you should encourage eating sweets in moderation. That paired with our handy guide of the best and worst Easter candy for teeth is a sure way to keep those little smiles bright and healthy.

Do: Hollow Chocolates

Bunnies, ducks, teddy bears, you name it! Chocolates come in many shapes, and no matter which animal is molded into the delicious, melty goodness, the hollowness is what makes these candies a “Do” on our list. They’re healthier than a solid or filled option and contain less sugar because there’s less chocolate. And less sugar means less chance for dental decay. Want to make it even better? Use dark chocolate instead of milk. Dark chocolate has antioxidants which are good for the whole body.

Don’t: Gooey, Chewy, Sticky Stuff

From caramels to gummy bears and taffy, a good rule of thumb to follow is the stickier the candy, the worse for teeth. These sweets are packed with sugar, and since they take longer to chew, teeth end up coated in it. The more sugar left on teeth, the more likely bacteria is to feed on it and create acid, leading to cavities.

Do: Sugar-Free Options

There are a ton of sugar-free alternatives that taste just as good as their sugar-packed counterparts. Without the sugar, the chance for tooth damage greatly decreases. Read ingredients before selecting treats and try to focus on the sugar-free options.  

Don’t: Hard Candies

Hard candies like lollipops or anything that requires the treat to be in the mouth for prolonged periods of time are bad news. The longer the candy is in the mouth and the sugar is exposed to teeth, the more likely it is to cause damage.

Following these tips can go a long way in keeping cavities away, but it’s still important to visit our Erdenheim dental office regularly. Exams at least every six months help catch any potential problems before they become big issues, and allow us to protect your child’s teeth with sealants and regular fluoride treatments. Schedule your appointment today!

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