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Erdenheim Dental Patient Safety

More Ways we Keep Our Erdenheim Guests Healthy

How We Keep You Safe

Patients always rave about our clean environment and advanced sterilization methods and we will continue to implement the tried and true methods we have always used – with some updated additions. At every visit:

  • Non-disposable instruments are
    • scrubbed
    • placed in an ultrasonic cleaner
    • then placed in a Statim sterilizer
  • The room is wiped down with CaviCide
    • this method kills viruses and bacteria within 1 minute

We have also been looking at new equipment being developed such as negative pressure ventilation and an extraoral-suction system for even more safety.

With the new viral developments, we are now also implementing the following safety procedures:

  • Once the patient is screened and called to enter the practice, the clinician will take the patient’s temperature prior to entering the treatment areas.
  • We ask all of our non-patients to wait in their cars.
  • For patients entering the practice, they are to follow social distancing measures and have their masks on while entering and leaving post-treatment.
  • Our doctors and staff wear all the recommended personal protection equipment, including a KN95 mask, face shield, disposable gowns, head caps, shoe covers, and gloves.
  • Our patients enter the practice in one entry and exit the practice in an exit door where patients are not entering.
  • Through our communication system, patients will complete any necessary forms from the comfort of their homes or car.

We also ask that all non-patients wait in the car while the patient is being seen.

Please be Patient as We Adjust

All of these measures are to keep both our Erdenheim dental patients and our staff safe and out of harm’s way while they are in our care. As the recommendations and regulations continue to evolve, we’ll continue to change in order to keep you and your family safe.  Your safety, health, and comfort are of the utmost importance. We work hard every day to offer you the best health so you can smile with pride and comfort – for a lifetime.